About D.D. Seaton

D.D. Seaton is self taught artist whose work is getting attention all over the world. A natural flare for composition and expressive renderings make his work engaging and unique. His style is a fresh and bold approach to art that combines Abstract compositions with Pop Culture, creating striking paintings that are both thought provoking and emotive. He has been exhibiting his work for the past six years, and has received a raving response from the art public. His work hangs in an impressive amount of private collections, and has been juried into top galleries, museums and publications. He has gained great exposure from periodicals, an art encyclopedia, and even chosen to judge art at festivals. The artist signs his work with the moniker "D.D. Seaton" because of his beginnings as a musician. It was used as a stage name for many years, until art became his main focus. D.D. Seaton lives and works in Denver, CO.
February 4, 2015